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Wonderful results

Over the years I have suffered with various hair loss problems. I’ve tried various hair specialists who have helped, but the hair growth has been slow, and the condition dry, brittle and lacking lustre. I had a recommendation to try Eugenia! And I’m so so happy that I did. I first saw Eugenia on 12 Dec 2020 and so far I’ve had 4 in clinic treatments, for my scalp and hair, and I use her healthy hair methods and products, and my hair has doubled in thickness. The length has also increased. And this is all in less than a year!

Her knowledge and passion for treating hair problems is astounding, with immediate results! My hair has grown so much and has also thickened as the dormant hair follicles have woken up creating an amazing head of hair. This is the first time in my life I have experienced this and I have recommended her to all my friends who have hair problems. She is truly the best. Her treatments are equivalent to having a spa day out and so relaxing. This is the best experience ever!

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