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Strong Happy Healthy hair

I have been using Naturally Whole hair products for almost 2 years. I was first introduced to Eugenia Shaw’s book Hair is Hair.
We all know if our hair is not right, us ladies don’t feel right!
I read the book with excitement as it appeared that Eugenia had been through the same hair nightmares, with hair products, hairdressers, and treatments as myself.
I decided to make a difference in ending accepting my broken, unhealthy hair, and stop using cheap low-cost products. I needed to make a change, pay a little bit more, and get quality natural products and care properly for my hair.
However, I found despite reading all the facts in Eugenia’s book, researching on line, getting regular Eugenia’s tips and advice, and changing my hair to healthy care products. I still was hesitant to believe that it would make a difference. It all seemed like a lot of work!!
However today I was blown away by the evidence that I saw in my hair. Not only does it feel smooth and softer than I have ever had, but it has grown stronger and glossy. I am finally getting proof of why all the stuff that I have read make sense.
It’s not been a easy road!! However it’s about changing mindset of what us black women have been told about our hair and learning to love the way we care for it. We deserve It!!!
Thank you Eugenia for the support and motivation to stay on track.

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