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Great products healthy hair!

I suffered from thinning and massive hair loss, together with a dry, itchy, inflamed and sensitive scalp. My doctor diagnosed alopecia, and I was prescribed a topical steroid gel. As long-term steroid use was not ideal for me, I began to look for an alternative solution.

Since inflammation was one of the underlying courses affecting my hair roots, I introduced more anti-inflammatory foods into my diet, hoping that would reduce and stop the damage. This measure helped to a point, however, growth was limited due to my dry hair which kept breaking.

A friend told me about Eugenia Shaw and recommend her book Hair Is Hair, which is a must read by explaining healthy hair practices.
From there I began to get treatments from Eugenia, and use The Naturally Whole products. Eugenia’s knowledge on hair care is outstanding and her enthusiasm and passion for her craft is amazing.

I have been using the Nourishing Cream, Liquid Gold, Sealing Butter and Hairssential products for the past two years. During this time my hair and scalp health has drastically improved. My hair has grown thicker and hair loss is now at a normal hair shedding level.

One of the most surprising benefits that I found was the healing properties of these products. Fifteen years ago, I underwent surgery to my scalp, which left me with a wound that would scab over and reopen every hair wash day.
Following the introduction of the Nourishing Cream, the wound and my scalp finally healed and the steroid gel was abandoned within the first few weeks.

I’ve found that the Hairssential prevents an itchy scalp, whilst the Liquid Gold, and the Nourishing Cream when used together, softens my hair which helps to prevent breakage and gives my hair a nice sheen.

The Sealing Hair Butter smells terrific, but is rather on the heavy side, so use as advised.

The Pre-poo hair oil for hair wash days, softens your hair before washing, and helps to detangle and prevent breakage.

Overall, I would highly recommend the use of the Naturally Whole products and would also suggest reading Eugenia Shaw’s book, ‘Hair Is Hair’, as it comprehensively covers hair care and how to improve its health.

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