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First Kiss – Moisturising Lip Butter

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Moisturising Lip Butter 5g

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Naturally Whole’s all natural plant based, silky smooth moisturising butter softens and sooths your lips, making every kiss feel like the first time.

It is formulated to help soothe and heal cracked or chapped lips without harshness or further drying.  Our lip butter delivers nourishing goodness that deeply penetrates the skin on your lips to fight dryness. 

Olive Squalane prevents moisture loss, restores skin suppleness and flexibility and helps to give a soft, silky, yet non-greasy feel.  Our skin naturally produces small amounts of squalane, but as we age we produce less and less.  This wonder oil is readily absorbed by our skin in its fight to prevent dryness. 

Mango Seed Butter is a skin softener and skin protectant that works to reduce dryness and improve skin flexibility.  

Our fragrance arises from the unique blend of the all natural essential oils in our products, chosen for their skin benefiting properties.  First Kiss has a minty soothing appeal. 

For best results use on lips whenever needed to keep lips soft and supple, especially at night time to aid skin recovery.  

Goes well under lipsticks and lip glosses 

Free from:

All our products are free from any artificial and synthetic ingredients. 

Our products are NEVER tested on animals and do not contain any animal products or animal by-products.

No artificial preservatives are present in our products.

Our products DO NOT contain any artificial colours or fragrances.


Vitellaria Paradoxa Butter; *Butyrospermum Parkii Butter; Mangifera indica; *Persea Gratissima butter; Simmondsia Chinensis Seed oil & Hydrogenated Vegetable oil (Jojoba Wax); *Persea Gratissima Oil; *Glycerin (vegetable glycerin & palm-free); Olive Squalane; *Cocos Nucifera Oil; Tocopherols & Helianthus Annuus Seed oil (Natural Vitamin E); *Lavandula Angustifolia Oil; *Mentha Piperita; Leptospermum Scoparium branch / leaf oil

*Certified Organic Ingredients

6 reviews for First Kiss – Moisturising Lip Butter

  1. Jerene

    Love this lip butter, use it every time before bed and it has helped reduce the dark areas on my lips. I use a small amount under my lip gloss and lather it on at night. It doesn’t have a heavy feeling to it, so it sinks into your lips making them feel moisturised, smooth and crack free.

  2. Gaynor

    I love this!

  3. Joyce B

    Naturally Whole’s Lip Butter is rich without being heavy, and it makes your lips look plush. I’ve use many lip butters that only rely on the placebo effect. They might feel nice for a bit, but don’t actually do much for your lips. Just got this and I can feel and see the difference.

  4. Patricia R. May 17, 2020 (verified owner)

    I just started using Naturally Whole Lip Butter. It works perfectly to keep my, normally dry lips moist.
    It is light enough, giving a longlasting smooth and moist finish.
    It is full of all the natural goodness that I love and a little goes a long way!

  5. Philippa Willes

    On my second pot. Light, not greasy and most of all, very effective. Only need a dab before I leave the house and no need to reapply. Light fragrance, will not ruin the taste of your takeaway coffee.

  6. Enrica Harris (verified owner)

    My lips used to be so dry, chapped and cracked in wide sections. But using this lip butter made the sections soft enough to easily fall off. I use it mostly at night. And now my lips stay moisturized and don’t dry out anymore.

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