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Pre-poo works miracles!!

I was Ursula for Halloween, so I had back comb my long, luxurious hair and spray it with all kinds of silver hairspray. The party was amazing, so when I got home I collapsed in my bed with my hair in a big silver matted mess. When I woke up the next morning, I almost cried. Thanks to Pre-poo, I was able to get all of the knot and nasty silver hairspray out of my hair and have it look as beautiful as it was before.


Great products healthy hair!

I suffered from thinning and massive hair loss, together with a dry, itchy, inflamed and sensitive scalp. My doctor diagnosed alopecia, and I was prescribed a topical steroid gel. As long-term steroid use was not ideal for me, I began to look for an alternative solution.

Since inflammation was one of the underlying courses affecting my hair roots, I introduced more anti-inflammatory foods into my diet, hoping that would reduce and stop the damage. This measure helped to a point, however, growth was limited due to my dry hair which kept breaking.

A friend told me about Eugenia Shaw and recommend her book Hair Is Hair, which is a must read by explaining healthy hair practices.
From there I began to get treatments from Eugenia, and use The Naturally Whole products. Eugenia’s knowledge on hair care is outstanding and her enthusiasm and passion for her craft is amazing.

I have been using the Nourishing Cream, Liquid Gold, Sealing Butter and Hairssential products for the past two years. During this time my hair and scalp health has drastically improved. My hair has grown thicker and hair loss is now at a normal hair shedding level.

One of the most surprising benefits that I found was the healing properties of these products. Fifteen years ago, I underwent surgery to my scalp, which left me with a wound that would scab over and reopen every hair wash day.
Following the introduction of the Nourishing Cream, the wound and my scalp finally healed and the steroid gel was abandoned within the first few weeks.

I’ve found that the Hairssential prevents an itchy scalp, whilst the Liquid Gold, and the Nourishing Cream when used together, softens my hair which helps to prevent breakage and gives my hair a nice sheen.

The Sealing Hair Butter smells terrific, but is rather on the heavy side, so use as advised.

The Pre-poo hair oil for hair wash days, softens your hair before washing, and helps to detangle and prevent breakage.

Overall, I would highly recommend the use of the Naturally Whole products and would also suggest reading Eugenia Shaw’s book, ‘Hair Is Hair’, as it comprehensively covers hair care and how to improve its health.

Jenny Donald

Superb Hair Growth Skills

It takes me up to 1.5 hours to get to Eugenia and every minute is worth it. Eugenia is not just naturally warm and welcoming but super prepared to receive and 150% Covid and hygiene conscious.

The way she manages my hair including detangling, moisturising, washing, treating and styling is top class.

I leave home to attend a spa (hair) treatment with Eugenia and can never think of giving her up. AND my hair has thrived and grown in abundance. It’s the longest, thickest and healthiest it’s ever been – at least 9 inches in less than a year plus my edges are back! Already my friends have labelled me Rapunzel.
Eugenia is my Forever Hair Care Specialist. And I can confidently say she has hair fertilisations skills and knowledge second to non.

Juliet James-Lionel

Juliet James-Lionel

My journey so far

I have been seeing Eugenia now for a few months and my hair has changed dramatically. I feel so much more confidence and I owe that all to Eugenia. My hair was thinning and my scalp was extremely painful and just after 3 treatments I feel like a new person. Eugenia’s products are amazing and I never go anywhere without them. Eugenia had taught me how to look after my hair and the transformation is amazing. I am so grateful to Eugenia for everything she has taught me and my treatments. My scalp no longer burns and I can notice new hairs growing on my scalp!!! I am so amazed by Eugenia she is amazing


Eugeniously Incredible hair growth products !

I have been using Naturally Whole products exclusively for a year now.
My scalp is in beautiful health and never a flake in sight. My hair is strong, shiny, healthy, thick thick thick and non-stop growing !!
The smells draw people to my hair and I get so many compliments about my hair.
I’m transitioning from dyed hair to completely natural and I never thought my hair could be so manageable and beautiful.
Totally in love with Naturally Whole products !

Juliet James-Lionel

Brians for your Beauty

I’ve been going to Eugenia for more than five years now. Before coming to see her, other aestheticians seemed to always burn the area around my eyebrows and my upper lip. Unlike others before her, Eugenia quickly identified that my facial skin wasn’t burning, but was having a reaction to the wax. She switched to threading my face and knew exactly which wax to use on the other areas. In addition to all of this, she explains the science behind what she is doing very clearly. I now understand all about the cycle of hair growth. She also keeps careful records of treatments and appointments so that you get the very best wholistic care. I’m so blessed to have Eugenia take care of me.


Amazing hair products!

I use these regularly (the nourishing cream, hairssential and liquid gold) and they keep my hair amazingly healthy and shiny! Wouldn’t live without them and definitely notice it when I forget! Best around 😊


Always worth the trip

I come up from Bristol for my treatment because I wouldn’t want anyone else to be my wax therapist. Eugenia is the most thorough therapist and really cares about the end result. Not only that, she knows so much about the science behind the treatments and the way our bodies work, which comes through in her treatment.

I also use the nourishing cream she has created, which is an absolute dream – I use it daily and it has worked wonders on dry skin patches and also sometimes when my skin has been irritated or burnt – it’s a miracle cure and it smells beautiful.

Professionality and amazing cheerful customer service is always in abundance and I wouldn’t have anyone else do my treatments.

Pip Whately

No spa needed

After suffering with a very dry, itchy scalp and thinning hair I came to see Eugenia. When she looked at my scalp she knew instantly what the problem was and how to fix it. She gave me an in depth hair care routine that will help me. Eugenia is so knowledgeable and her products smell and feel so calming on my scalp. After having my first treatment both myself and Eugenia can see an improvement already. My normally dry and itchy scalp feels the calmest and best it’s felt in a long time. I have complete faith that Eugenia will fix my scalp and hair. Her treatments are so relaxing and calming also. Thank you so much Eugenia


Wonderful results

Over the years I have suffered with various hair loss problems. I’ve tried various hair specialists who have helped, but the hair growth has been slow, and the condition dry, brittle and lacking lustre. I had a recommendation to try Eugenia! And I’m so so happy that I did. I first saw Eugenia on 12 Dec 2020 and so far I’ve had 4 in clinic treatments, for my scalp and hair, and I use her healthy hair methods and products, and my hair has doubled in thickness. The length has also increased. And this is all in less than a year!

Her knowledge and passion for treating hair problems is astounding, with immediate results! My hair has grown so much and has also thickened as the dormant hair follicles have woken up creating an amazing head of hair. This is the first time in my life I have experienced this and I have recommended her to all my friends who have hair problems. She is truly the best. Her treatments are equivalent to having a spa day out and so relaxing. This is the best experience ever!

Janette Lindsey

Strong Happy Healthy hair

I have been using Naturally Whole hair products for almost 2 years. I was first introduced to Eugenia Shaw’s book Hair is Hair.
We all know if our hair is not right, us ladies don’t feel right!
I read the book with excitement as it appeared that Eugenia had been through the same hair nightmares, with hair products, hairdressers, and treatments as myself.
I decided to make a difference in ending accepting my broken, unhealthy hair, and stop using cheap low-cost products. I needed to make a change, pay a little bit more, and get quality natural products and care properly for my hair.
However, I found despite reading all the facts in Eugenia’s book, researching on line, getting regular Eugenia’s tips and advice, and changing my hair to healthy care products. I still was hesitant to believe that it would make a difference. It all seemed like a lot of work!!
However today I was blown away by the evidence that I saw in my hair. Not only does it feel smooth and softer than I have ever had, but it has grown stronger and glossy. I am finally getting proof of why all the stuff that I have read make sense.
It’s not been a easy road!! However it’s about changing mindset of what us black women have been told about our hair and learning to love the way we care for it. We deserve It!!!
Thank you Eugenia for the support and motivation to stay on track.


Strong healthy hair

I have to say thank you to Eugenia for her help in teaching me how to get my hair stronger and healthier than I have ever had!! Her products are amazing and the hair routine that she has guided me through has not only educated me into understanding what is required to maintain a good head of hair but also why I need to do things regularly. The proof is my hair is no longer breaking and growing. I understand that the journey is long but worth it.


What a find!

I have natural hair which was always on the dry and itching side. However, having used these products for over a year now, I can honestly say that my hair health has massively improved and is now soft with a healthy sheen.
The best thing of all is, these products are all natural and chemical free. My ends are no longer breaking and my hair is finally growing.
If you want to get rid of that itchy dry scalp, and improve your natural locks, I strongly recommend using the Naturally Whole products.


My Hair Journey

Oh my goodness..!! Eugenia is my hair whisperer. Before I met her my hair was a wreck to say the least. Now ONE YEAR and FOUR MONTHS later my hair has stop BREAKING and my SCALP is in a healthy condition. My hair was thinning all over, but the middle was the worst. Now my hair has thickened up and stopped thinning, and length has increased. So, a BIG THANK YOU to my hair whisperer. I love all her NATURAL HAIR PRODUCTS. They have really helped my hair.

Patsi Lawrence

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