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About Naturally Whole

Healthy Skin, Scalp and Hair are our passion.  Is the health of your skin, scalp & hair important to you?

At Naturally Whole, we believe that the health of the skin, scalp and hair, of anyone, from any race, is of great importance and is pertinent to the overall health of the individual. 

So we search out premium quality, all natural, ethically sourced, fairly traded, organic (where possible ) ingredients, to develop and create aromatherapy products that are well balanced and smell beautiful.  

Our products deliver results, can be used by anyone and help you to be Your Best Beautiful! #YourBestBeautiful 

Principle: – “Your hair is only EVER as healthy/good as the scalp it is growing out of; thus making your hair’s health a by-product/ consequence of what you do to your scalp.”  – a founding and guiding principle of founder Eugenia Shaw 

Naturally Whole brings you haircare and bodycare products that are food for your scalp, hair and skin.

Starting with the Basics

“Hair Is Hair”

Our founder Eugenia Shaw wrote the book Hair Is Hair as a self help guide for anyone that wanted to achieve healthy hair.

You will find helpful hints and tips, including some DIY hair masks that will help you achieve and maintain healthy hair.

You can buy Hair Is Hair now in our shop.

Why Our Products

Naturally Whole is a brand that uses Aromatherapy and a holistic approach to care for your scalp, hair and skin.

Our products have not been & never will be tested on animals.  They do not contain any synthetic ingredients, synthetic preservatives, artificial colours, fillers or bulking agents.  Nor do they contain any animal products or animal by-products.

As healthy scalp, hair and skin are our passion, so is looking after our planet.  All our products are housed in recyclable containers that can also be reused or repurposed.

We are working so that we will have a product container refill, like for like, discount scheme available within the year.  So hold on to your empty Naturally Whole containers!

The Healthy Hair Clinic

At The Healthy Hair Clinic, we believe that knowing the fundamental foundational steps for achieving and maintaining healthy scalp and hair, for anyone, is the bedrock to having fabulous healthy hairstyles consistently.   Our goal is to give you that knowledge! 

We share with you tools, products and methods in your best interest for your unique healthy hair journey. 

We develop and design, with you, a Healthy Hair Journey Planner for your specific scalp and hair goals.  We use treatments developed by The Healthy Hair Clinic, alongside Naturally Whole products to help you achieve your specific goals.

Contact us today, using the contact form on here, to book a consultation.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Eugenia Shaw